EarthMan 2

Dion Laurent

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EarthMan 2. Assemblage/Mixed/Sculptural Performance Work. Life Size. 2010

EarthMan 2 is a performance piece which allows the viewer to consider our global biosphere on a human scale. With this work, I blend art & science by appearing in public places wearing a fully-functioning, self-sustaining suit conceptually capable of maintaining a human in otherwise unlivable environments on earth or even in outer space.

The EarthMan 2 suit consists of a solar-powered system including fans, air ducts, lights, terrarium and circulating algae that reproduces the symbiotic relationship between plant life and humans. This bio exchange system vents the CO2 human exhaust from the helmet and suit to the Algae Terrarium Backpack, thus feeding the plants and algae the necessary CO2 gas necessary for their survival. In unison, the fan and air duct system delivers the cooled oxygenated air of the terrarium and algae tank to the suit and helmet of EarthMan 2, supplying the oxygen necessary for human survival, thus creating a simple biosphere exchange system similar to that of Planet Earth.

This new, lighter, cooler, and technologically improved suit was completed in August, 2010 and was first performed and documented across Texas in 2010 and 2011.  The culmination of those performances and documentation was first shown and featured during the 2011 Texas Biennial. EarthMan performances may involve the planting of trees, the handing out of flowers, broadcasting seeds, and various other activities concentrating more on involving related works of art, environments and interaction as symbolism, or just passing through environments whether human populated or not. Most performances will be documented on film and video. EarthMan 2 may also be shown static, installed hanging or laying across a chair as if at the ready for adventure and exploration, as an installation.

EarthMan 2 is based on the NASA research of Advanced Life Support Systems (ALSS) and Bio-regenerative Life Support research. EarthMan 2 is a technologically advanced suit including major improvements over my EarthMan1 suit.

EarthMan Technical Specs. :

1 - Human.

1 - Air-Terrarium backpack with indigenous earth and plants and a circulating algae air production system.

Solar powered 12 volt electrical system.

1 - 9 volt wireless video camera.

2 -12 Volt 7 sealed batteries, 1- 9 Volt sealed rechargeable batteries.

3 - 12 volt solar panels.

1 - 13 cfm. fan, 5 - 6 cfm fans, 12 volt.

Oxygen and temperature control ducts. 12 volt Insulated air cooling system.

2 - Biological/chemical air filters.

4 - 12 volt LED grow lights.

1- 12 volt LED Head Light

1 - Control panel with 8 lighted electric switches, 4 LED indicators, voltage meters, in-line fuses, wires.

1 - Silver heat-reflective suit.



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